"Common to all of Della's words and images, is a sophisticated innocence coupled with the eye of the visionary.
Her stunning use of color, texture and composition, feeling, fantasy and spiritual insight bathes the observer in
a magical tranquility. Her paintings give rise to memories, dreams and images that spring from the soul and the
heart of the world. In many ways Della's work reflects the daughter of the Eternal and enchants us back into balance,
helping us to align the stories we tell ourselves with the story intended for us to bring forth into the world.
It is a story that transcends but includes all that is human with the divine."

(Testimonial for the book – ‘Journey to a Lotus’)
by Professor Philip Rubinov Jacobsen
Author of Drinking Lightning
Promethean Flame

“Della's work demonstrates there are many creative ways to empower children. Children of the world need hope not despair.
This book and your action provides it.”

(Foreword for Magical Earth Secrets)
Dr. David Suzuki

“Lyrical and typical of the traditional storyteller”
(article written for ‘Magical Earth Secrets’)
Toronto Star

“They are delighted with your story, which I am sure they will want to hear often.”
(testimonial written for ‘Journey to Dodoland’)

Prime Minister Peirre Trudeau 1978

"Della Burford embodies the environmentally aware imagination. For decades, she has been telling and displaying story in
an approachable way that is participatory fun for both children and adults. Della has traveled widely to personally
present her multimedia performances, transcending linguistic and cultural boundaries"
Penn Kemp, City of London Poet Laureate (Ontario)

"From her awe-inspiring and radiant art to the sheer and simple beauty of her stories, Della Burford's work touches
the soul of even those who have lived many years beyond the innocence and openness of childhood. She is the jewel
in the lotus, the angel with a message of peace, and the one who illustrates ( literally and actually) that living the
dream of love among all people in the world is possible!"

Aaron Zerah
Author of Souls Almanac
Everyday is a Blessing
How the Children became Stars