Della Burford
 "Della's work reflects the daughter of the Eternal and enchants us back into balance, helping us
to align the stories we tell ourselves with the story intended for us to bring forth to the world."

"Della's book of words and images is an autobiogaphical account that bridges the beauty and wisdom
of the collective unconscious with our waking life."

Philip Rubinov Jacobsens's Testimonials for "Journey to a Lotus" and the "Dream Wheels" book

 Healing Vision   N.Y.S.I.D. BSc. BEd.

Award-winning painter and best-selling
author Della Burford’s Art has been inspired by dreams, different
cultures, shamanism, and imagination. She has conducted Art and Creative writing workshops for children and adults for
thirty years. She is a former teacher of Design at Humber College. Her workshops have been in Mexico, Guatemala,
England, Holland, Korea, Bali and North America.
She painted large canvases as sets for the productions of her stories ‘Dodoland’ and ‘Magical Earth Secrets’ in New York City
which she co-directed and which were performed as plays in such venues as the Museo del Barrio, Museum of Natural History,
Brooklyn Academy of Music, St. Peter’s Church at the Citicorp, 3rd St Music School in New York and the Discovery Theater at
the Smithsonian Institute.Masgical Earth Secrets is presently being performed in Japan by 100% Parade. 
Her stories/art, explore Imagination, Chakras, love of the Environment, Self Healing, Transformation
and Universal Love. Her stories/art have been shared in a Toronto Prison, Sloan Kettering Hospital and Festivals and
workshops. Dodoland was performed for every child in East Harlem and the book gifted to 6,000 underprivileged children
in California. Her most recent books are ‘Journey to a Lotus’ and "Dream Wheels". Her book on
Lucid Dreaming called Dream Wheels includes the paintings of 16 Visionary Artists.
She will exhibit her "Third Eye" painting in the collaborative show in Montreal at the Eco Musee in 2015. She also showed her work
in AOI shows in Ottawa, New York and London, Peru & Bali .She is showing and speaking remotely about her creative process at the Moscow
Visionary Art Show & Conference. She has won first with "Shaman's Eye" in the Graphic Visionary Art category.
She is presently completing "Dream Keys "
She paints/storytells for the World, Humanity and Spirit.

Shaman's Eye

Twin Flames

Dance of Life

Books by Della Burford
Spirit Storybooks by Aaron Zerah - Painted by Della Burford
Bali feeds the Soul - Poem - Della-Photographs Fabrizio & Dale
All other books are written and painted by Della

Dodo Land

Magical Earth

Miracle Galaxy

Journey to a Lotus

Dream Wheels

Spirit Storybooks

Bali feeds the Soul