"Creative Dream
Wheel Workshop"
Create your own “Inner Dream Mandala”
with International, best selling
Author and Award Winning
Artist Della Burford
"Fabulous creative work!" David Walsh

,Mark your calendar for an experiential
2-part workshop that will be held in
Toronto-January 18-19 or January 24-25
where you can create your personal
'Creative Dream Wheel'
- 'Inner Dream Mandala'
to bring your unconscious into play.
Align yourself with the art and story
you are meant to tell. Tuning into your
intuitive self, find symbols connected
to the seven levels of your Dream Self.
Create an 'Inner Life Mandala'
which is a a map for creative
expression of your unique self.
Exploring Wishes, Transformation,
Power Allies, Wonder, Healing, and
Vision you will connect with part of
your own myth. Go into the inner
sanctuary of your creative self and find
out how knowing your inner world
and compassion can enhance and make
a difference in the world!

"Della is a great guide in helping discover the universal realm of myth within your dream!" Mark Jenkins

Saturday Jan 18th 2:30-6 Sunday Jan 19th 2:30-6
Location: Carrot Common 212 - 348 Danforth
Avenue, Toronto
Della can be contacted directly at :dellaburford@hotmail.com
or 250 751-2877
Web-site Della Burford

Secure your spot by signing up today –
Space is limited Register here
( $199 + $25 supplies) $224,
for the workshops.

"Della incorporates mythology, poetry and real
life events into finding ones own myth!"
Jane Howard Baker